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Interactive case-lesson "Animal World"

Category: Science, Nature, Human

Level (grade): 2-4

Objective: to know the secrets of animal world, understand the role of animals in our life and in nature, to respect animals.

4 scans of the subjects, phenomena and practices:

There are many animals in the world: wild and domestic, big and small, slow and fast, funny and sad.

Everybody has his favourite animal or a pet. People like their pets very much. They are our best friends. Some people keep domestic animals on their farms and take care of them. Children like going to the zoo to watch exotic animals. They are

There are many interesting facts about animals and we can learn about them here.

Let’s play!

Game 1

Match the animals with the words:

Game 2

Put the animals into two groups:

Game 3

Read the riddles and find the answers.


Why does zebra have black and white stripes?

Some people think that it is easier for zebras to hide in African forests if they are black and white. But it is not true. Animals can smell very well. If lions can’t see them, they can easily feel them. So, why do they need stripes?

Lions and jaguars are not the only zebra’s enemies. They have to fight with gadflies and tsetse flies. So, stripes help zebras because insects don’t like this pattern.


English Ukrainian
think думати
easier легше
hide ховатися
forests ліси
true правда
smell відчувати запах
easily легко
feel відчувати
need потребувати
stripes смужки
jaguar ягуар
enemy ворог
fight вести боротьбу
gadfly овод
tsetse fly муха цеце
insect комаха
pattern візерунок

Answer the questions:

Where does zebra live?

What animals are zebra’s enemies? Why?

What do zebras eat?

An unusual jumper

Do you know that the kangaroo can’t walk at all- but it can run at forty miles an hour! This unusual animal is very good at jumping. It can jump twenty feet at one time. A grown up kangaroo is only five feet tall but it can jump over a car.
That’s incredible!

Complete the sentences:

A grown up kangaroo can … .

This animal can’t … .

The kangaroo is unusual because … .



English Ukrainian
miles милі
an hour за годину
unusual незвичайний
at one time за один раз
incredible неймовірно

Interesting facts about animals There are many clever animals, like a dog, a monkey, a dolphin or an elephant. But the most clever one is … a pig. It is even smarter than cats and dogs. Pigs can enjoy seeing
them in the mirror, they easily adapt to the timetable and can know the time of the day. Most birds have very poor sense of smell. But there are some exceptions. It’s kiwi and some seabirds, for example. They use it to find
food and follow their travel routes. The most dangerous animals to human are mosquitoes. They don’t kill people directly, but they spread very serious diseases, like malaria.

Snakes can sleep for more than 3 years and eat nothing during their sleep.

This animal has the biggest number of teeth in the world – 25000! And this animal is a snail. Snails are mollusks and they live in all parts
of the world from deep oceans to deserts. In the USA a snail was a symbol of joy.

Let’s play!

Game 4

I`m in the world

Animals are a part of our world. They often become the symbols of countries and cities. Some of them are fantastic, but the most are real.

The lion is the most popular national animal in the world but there are many other animals which represent different countries. They are everywhere: souvenirs, like toys and statues; on the postcards and post stamps, adverts, shop and road signs,
clothes and even on food and drinks.

Here are some countries and their national animal symbols:

Research work:

Find information about some other countries and their animal symbol.

The student with the longest list is the winner!

Let’s play!

Match the country with the animal. Write the name of the country with the correct number.

1 ___________________________________

2 ___________________________________

3 __________________________________________

4 ______________________________________

5 ___________________________________________

6. ______________________________________

Let’s play Grammar!

Choose the best option:


Count the animals


There are many genres of art, one of them is animalistic. It came to art in the 17th century. Artists started to paint different animals on vases, mosaics, buildings and made wonderful pictures. Here are some pictures by famous painters:

Painter: Paulus Potter from the Netherlands

Painter: David de Coninck from the Netherlands

Painter: Edgar Hunt from Great Britain

Painter: Anna Voitsekhovych from Ukraine

Painter: Ihor Zemlianskyh from Ukraine

Let’s play!

Game 5

Name the parts of the body

Try to draw a picture yourself:

We can also find many sculptures of animals in different parts of the world:

New York, The USA

Barcelona, Spain

Shibuya, Japan

Edinburgh, Scotland

Florence, Italy

Novosibirsk, Russia


Read the information about statues to animals using the links below. Make a short story for your friends about the monument you liked the most.

Use the sentences for your story:

There is a wonderful monument to ……(animal) in… … (place).

People built it in … …(year) because……… there was a (an) (animal) which … … …(what the animal did).

It is interesting that ……….

Useful links:





You probably watched some films about animals. Now we can check what you remember.

Let’s play!

Game 6

What animals can you see in the picture? Make a list.

Picture A

Picture B

The End